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Cali-Sea by A-lichka Cali-Sea :icona-lichka:A-lichka 6 2 Happy Bee Buzz Buzz by A-lichka Happy Bee Buzz Buzz :icona-lichka:A-lichka 19 15 Purple Guy portrait by A-lichka Purple Guy portrait :icona-lichka:A-lichka 26 3 Gerald the Paladin by A-lichka Gerald the Paladin :icona-lichka:A-lichka 12 4 The Purple Man behind the Golden Mask by A-lichka The Purple Man behind the Golden Mask :icona-lichka:A-lichka 60 29 Sunny summer by A-lichka Sunny summer :icona-lichka:A-lichka 15 12 Colorful by A-lichka Colorful :icona-lichka:A-lichka 15 2 G6K the space Goat by A-lichka G6K the space Goat :icona-lichka:A-lichka 12 30 Papyrus - Bonetrousle by A-lichka Papyrus - Bonetrousle :icona-lichka:A-lichka 119 16 SANS - Megalovania by A-lichka SANS - Megalovania :icona-lichka:A-lichka 239 29 Frisk : Welcome to the Underground by A-lichka Frisk : Welcome to the Underground :icona-lichka:A-lichka 153 216 Phillis Lennox - RED by A-lichka Phillis Lennox - RED :icona-lichka:A-lichka 10 0 Ballora by A-lichka Ballora :icona-lichka:A-lichka 138 33 Lady Pie - Rebecca by A-lichka Lady Pie - Rebecca :icona-lichka:A-lichka 10 3 Valentine's Cake by A-lichka Valentine's Cake :icona-lichka:A-lichka 9 13 Nemo the Dragon by A-lichka Nemo the Dragon :icona-lichka:A-lichka 8 4


10.09.17 : Cali-Sea

Cali-Sea is a female Calico crab who was created for a Post-Apoccalyptic RP game with my boyfriend AaronThePaladin.

In this radiated universe where Mutants attack what is left of Humanity, this little crab has a remarkable ability to regenerate her body. Even if she's torn appart, the pieces will join back together and she will go back to her original shape after a few seconds or minutes. This mutation makes her immortal and she's more than 50 years old.
She also got from her mutation others skills like telepathy or the ability to shine like a bright stars.

She cannot speak because of her lack of vocal cords, but she is able to communicate in Binary for some unknown reasons by simply clapping her claws. Because of all of this, she claimed herself a Goddess and more and more people from this desolated World start to worship her as the messiah who will lead them to a new hope.

She got a crown made of golden-fish scale and seaweed growing on her head as hair, because a Goddess has to look good even if she's a crab.

This is true Glory. Praise the mighty Cali-Sea ! 

Any ressemblance with existing characters is purely concidental.
Happy Bee Buzz Buzz
I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz.  I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz...

I'm back on Photoshop. With this happy bee. Buzz buzz.

If you feel sad, just look at this happy bee for a few minutes while singing the happy bee song and your life will be bright and happy again ~

I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz. I'm a happy bee, buzz buzz...
Gerald the Paladin
26.03.2017 : Gerald

This is an OC created by my BF AaronThePaladin . I really like this character and he's really special to me, because he's been played by Aaron when we met on a RP on Deviant'Art. This is how Aaron describes his Gerald :

"He usually shows as a very Wise and charismatic old Man in his mid 60's. He is half German and the other half is unknown, even to him. He served as a Crusader for a time but was captured and tortured till he almost died. He managed to escape and wandered the desert for a few days until he was found by a group of travelling paladins. Gerald soon learned the path of light, fell in love and got married with a woman named Faylinn but never had kids. On a terrible day while he was away on a quest to fight a demon, an assassin broke into his house and murdered his wife. He tracked down the man and the guild he worked for and showed no mercy. Because despite being a holy man, "Lawful Good" doesn't necessarily means "Lawful Nice".

He traveled alone as a sell-sword for a time before founding a small Holy Order. Eventually through time he never died, he found a way to prolong his life so he could fight Evil wherever it came from. 
Over the next couple of years he was not slain but the Gods make him on offer to take a place next to them in the heavens and become a mortal God of Justice and Order, perfect for the attributes he holds."

He kept evolving since Aaron and I have been playing together, pushing the limits of our characters to a very interesting point, eventually building a strong relationship with my own character in our game. 
It's been very interesting for me to make this artwork, because it was the first time I was painting a old man, so the whole work on the wrinkled skin was a real challenge. I'm quite happy of the result, and I wish you guys will appreciate it as well.
Thank you again for this adventure and it was nice to paint you, my dear Gerald ~
The Purple Man behind the Golden Mask

It's been a long time I haven't posted anything about FNAF, so here is a new artwork of Purple Guy.
I really like to draw this character, as well as RP with him because he's really interesting to play at. Manipulative, ambiguous and smart, this psychopath hides who he truly is behind a cold mask of lies and smiles to keep secretly following his dark projects away from curious eyes.


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